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Comments on Etsy’s Muddled Interests

These are a few of the interesting comments that were made in response to my my post “Etsy’s Muddled Interests.”



“I used to sell services for years, and thats what etsy does – they sell a service. The sellers use this service.  It is a lot more cost effective to keep a customer than it is to have to attract a new customer.

Etsy has been trying to revamp to keep up with the new generation and google searches etc. But they are forgetting who their bread and butter are, the sellers. If enough of them start saying enough is enough they will loose those customers, it will cost etsy money to attact new sellers.

Their only problem is the new ceo, is in such a hurry to make changes he is not seeing how it is hurting the sellers here.

I am not saying revelency is not important, because it is for the buyer and lets face it, if there were no buyers there would be no sellers.

What I am saying is that they need to admit that the ads are not working. They need to at least admit that and loose them.”

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“I think the main lesson to be learned here is that in order to expand and grow your indie small business, you must NOT have all your eggs in one basket (Etsy). Etsy’s a great place to start, but having a shop here for the long-term is not cost-effective whatsoever. It would be better to spend $500 to create a basic website (and some minimal yearly-hosting fee) and then utilize all the free social media to promote your work (which you have to do anyway.) Save the 20-cents each time you list, save the commission/fee. Save it to reinvest in product/supplies and put it back into your growing business.

I think a lot of “older” sellers are beginning to realize this with the changes that are happening (the changes that they see are not directly benefiting their businesses.)”

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“It is a partnership (or supposed to be). We partner together to try to make the whole thing come together and work. Without the sellers, Etsy would surely fail. Without Etsy, we sellers would not be on Etsy. Etsy provides the site, we sellers provide the goods. In so doing, Etsy is responsible for providing certain aspects of the operation, while the sellers are also responsible for providing certain aspects of the operation. We partner up to bring it together and to each do our part. But, as with any ‘marriage’, there’s always give and take. At times, it seems the sellers are giving, and Etsy is taking. At times, it even seems the sellers are taken, rather than taking. Although my sales are actually up a bit for this year, compared to the same period for last year, I see a lot of Etsy issues taking place which are concerning. At times, it even seems that some of the changes may be last ditch efforts of some sort. I don’t wish to leave Etsy – at least not now, but I have also opened a shop on another platform and am very pleased thusfar with what’s going on there. I guess we can choose to continue to hang for the ride or jump ship. Right now, though, I do still get some decent sales at Etsy and am not ready to give those sales up. It will be interesting to see where it all goes. I am sure that, with the progression of time, there will be other venues open up, and I’m sure there’s probably someone even as we speak who’s waiting in the wings — watching and learning and waiting for the right time. For now, I’m strapping on my hard hat and knee pads and zipping up my seat belt and headed for the ride.”

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“OP – I’m with you 100%. The atmosphere is getting worst and worst, sellers are getting frustrated, there are fires all over, the bubble is about to burst anytime soon. Just a matter of time, everyone is leaving and take their business elsewhere. As the old saying goes, what goes up must comes down too ………!”

Last comment:

“OP- Very interesting indeed! I can see what you were getting at with the conflict of interest angle. It is in Etsy’s best interest to increase their sellers, not the buyers. Increasing the number of buyers would directly benefit the sellers already here but Etsy as a whole would grow at a slower rate if that is where they put most of their focus. So.. a conflict of interest does exist.”


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