New Jewelry

Valentine’s Day Heartstravaganza

My little mustard yellow vintage heart necklace has been a big success – I’m nearly sold out (only 3 left), it was picked as one of Etsy’s “Finds,” and it made it to the Etsy Front Page.   Its also appeared in few blogs.

Pretty amazing for a set of charms that had hitherto spent years languishing in a box on my shelf (and before that, in a box on a someone else’s shelf). Pack rats, you are vindicated!

The popularity of little mustard yellow vintage heart necklace inspired me to dig up more overlooked heart charms.  Thus I present to you little red glass vintage heart and little black glass vintage heart necklaces:

I’ve also created three one-of-a-kind necklaces featuring new, rustic style cast sterling silver heart charms.  Each heart is surrounded by gemstones in a different color scheme – red, with garnet and smoky quartz; green, with gorgeous peridot, moss aquamarine, and citrine beads; and blue, with two beautiful Peruvian opals.  Other stones included in the mix are rock crystal, rose quartz, and tourmaline.  Here they are:

Finally, at least for now, there’s this little necklace that I started making a long time ago, renamed the Bird Lover Necklace:

All of these necklaces can be purchased at my Etsy shop (registration required) or my Big Cartel shop (no registration required).  Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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