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Protest Gets Creative on Etsy

This adorable donkey is included in one of the protest pictograms (click the photo to see the original listing – this awesome photo is for sale)

Today’s hot trend: subversive pictograms….

I have a lot more to say about Etsy, resellers, and the future of the handmade, but I want to point out a subversive little campaign going on at the Etsy website.  Audre Lorde said “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” but some creative folk are nonetheless wielding those tools in protest – funny, funny protest.

“Treasuries” on Etsy are a way to keep members engaged in the site when they’re not busy buying or selling.  You start with a blank template of 16 squares and fill them with picture links to items you choose based on a theme of your choice.  When your grid is complete, you ‘publish’ it to the Treasury gallery.  Etsy promotes the Treasury gallery, or subsets of treasuries within the galllery, through links on the site and in its email newsletters.

The gallery now hosts a series of pictogram treasuries created to protest Etsy management’s tacit endorsement of resellers.  Here’s the list as of Tuesday morning.

Furniture Buyers Beware – Marine Paints are Toxic!

Bali Wood Boat

My Thoughts on the Matter…

Lemme put in my 2 cents…

Just want you to know…

Another note…

Just another word, real quick…

Imma let you finish, but…

Creamy Dreams


3 thoughts on “Protest Gets Creative on Etsy

  1. I think it’s sad that every one of those treasuries is gone now 😦 I really wanted to see them! These guys should take screen shots of them and post them as a collective somewhere. That would be great!

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