We’re three hours into the protest… and not being able to check my shop stats is giving me serious withdrawal symptoms.  I keep telling myself that there’s nothing to check, because the shop is dark… and yet my fingers reach for the keyboard with every intention of checking… just once… just a little peek.  There is something seriously wrong with me!

My man says its because shop stats provides intermittent rewards… you know, you check and there’s no sale, and you check later – no sale, and check again – no sale, and then all of a sudden – something sold.  Apparently this is the most persuasive / habit forming type of reward – its akin to gambling, in that you lose more than you win, but you keep going because every once in a while you *do* win (or in the case of the lottery, someone else wins).  With consistent rewards you adapt to the predictability and the thrill wears off.  With no rewards, you simply stop trying.  Intermittent rewards get you hooked.

Damn you, shop stats!


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