New Jewelry

Perfectly Simple Jewelry

I love pretty rocks, but sometimes its good to take a step back and simplify.  

Pretty, minimalist jewelry is a great choice for petite women.  As a petite myself, I can’t wear big chunky long pieces without looking a bit like a kid playing dress-up.

You never want to look like you are hiding behind your jewelry, so scale is important.  If you have a slender neck and small shoulders, a delicate silver or gold chain with a tiny charm is the perfect complement.

Simple delicate jewelry looks wonderful on any woman with beautiful skin.  A tiny silver or gold charm and slender chain highlights the contrast between hard metal and soft skin.  It draws the eye in and creates intimacy.

Simple jewelry is a great choice for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on accessories.  A delicate sterling silver or gold necklace can be worn day and night; at the office or out on the town; casual or formal.  Because color coordination is a non-issue, simple sterling or gold jewelry is a “foundation” accessory – one of the essential building blocks of your wardrobe.

This spring and summer I’ll be slowly introducing minimalist necklaces in sterling silver and gold.  Here are a few:

Little Diamond Necklace

Tiny Sterling Silver Square Charm Necklace

Hammered Disk Necklace

Tiny Hammered Sterling Disk Necklace

Tiny Silver Square Necklace Connector Style

Tiny Sterling Silver Square Link Necklace


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