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Sweet Citrine

Citrine is the birthstone for November, and I have some great sterling silver and gold pieces featuring citrine in my shop…

What is citrine?  Citrine is a form of quartz that has a color ranging from pale yellow to deep honey gold.  The color derives from trace amount of iron in the quartz.

Citrine is also a color, and its not uncommon to find yellow glass described as “citrine.”  Some people call citrine “topaz” because of its color (the color of topaz), though they are two different stones.

Citrine is found in nature, but gemologists can also convert other quartzes to citrine by applying high heat (which mimics the heating that occurs in nature).  Amethyst and smoky quartz are two stones that can be converted to citrine through heating.  Ametrine – a sort of half amethyst, half citrine yellow and purple quartz – is what you get when the heating (whether in nature or a lab) is uneven.  Amethyst and citrine are nearly identical except for the degree to which its iron content has oxidized.

Citrine looks great with sterling silver, but better (in my opinion) with gold.  I used both to make the citrine necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in my shop.  

Most citrine comes from Brazil, and I’m told most of what is available to consumers has been heat treated.  As a rule of thumb, heat treated citrine tends to be light colored; dark honey brown citrine is more likely to be unaltered.

As mentioned, citrine is also a color… look at this lovely gal, the Citrine Warbler.  More precious than any jewel, if you ask me… but I’m sentimental that way.


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